House Cleaning – Costa Mesa

decorated living roomOur cleaning service is popular and trusted because our maids are great at their job. They are fast and efficient in cleaning homes and provide wonderful customer service. These 2 things combined make all of our customers happy, satisfied and want to repeat their business with us.

Our prices are also affordable so everyone can benefit from our work. We offer high quality house cleaning in Costa Mesa, CA and you can contact us to get a free quote today. If you never hired any maids before, we’ll be happy to discuss how everything works so you can be comfortable with your decision if you choose to hire us.


Who needs house cleaning the most?

We recommend everyone to get their houses cleaned by a professional maid at least once in their life to see how clean and nice it will be to live inside afterwards. However there are some cases where you would want to hire a cleaning service over your average household.

Most of our clients are parents who work 1-2 jobs and have children or pets to care for. As you can see they don’t have much time for themselves. The small price they pay to hire us allows them to spend time on their hobbies and relieves some stress. This eventually leads to a happier and less tiring life knowing they don’t have to do something tedious as house cleaning.

If you aren’t a parent but juggle multiple things like school, work, relationships, having a side hustle, and struggle to find time for yourself, then we can be of help to you. A lot of people get so caught up in their busy lives that they don’t realize how messy and dirty their living space is. We would hate for you to invite guests over to your home and be embarrassed if they comment on how sloppy and untidy everything is.

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More benefits to hiring a maid service

If you happen to let your house become really messy and dirty everywhere it will take several hours and a lot of work to fully clean up everything. We have tons of experience to efficiently do a full home clean up in a reasonable amount of time. You can put your faith in us that we will completely sanitize all the germs that may have built up. Doing the cleaning yourself might lead you to miss some hidden germs.

Or maybe some of your favorite furniture got contaminated and are afraid to damage it when you try to get rid of the built up mold and bacteria. Your standard household supplies aren’t likely to be able to do the job correctly. We have heavy duty cleaning supplies that will fully exterminate all the bacteria and germs while keeping your items safe.

Another thing to check for is if you rent a room to Airbnb, it is recommended to hire a maid to make sure your future guests will have a clean and comfortable place to stay. A happy customer will lead to good reviews which will lead to even more customers wanting to rent in your home.

A small investment will be sure to bring in more profits to you. On top of that, most Airbnb owners we talk to hate cleaning other people’s mess as they have no idea what that person could have done in their room. The good thing is our house cleaners enjoy transforming a dirty room to one that’s spotless.

If you are selling your home, you would likely want to hire professionals to make your house look almost brand new again to attract potential buyers. You might rely on painters, carpenters, plumbers, etc to make sure you house is in tip top shape before listing it for sale.

However some sellers neglect to hiring house cleaners. What may look clean to you might not look nice to other future buyers. This isn’t something you want to forget to do when selling something so important. Our company offers a very reliable move in and move out process. It’s guaranteed to make your change to a new home much more comfortable and with less headaches.

We’re located in Costa Mesa and you can call us to get a free estimate and we can take care of all the boring and tedious work for you. We’re rated very highly based off of feedback from our clients because we have excellent customer service. Our staff is happy to answer any questions about how our process works and how easy it is to hire us.

If you like to share any feedback to improve our services or voice any recommendations, please let us know. We are always happy to go the extra mile to make our customers happy & satisfied with our work.